Move It !

Triple A Services Inc. began in 1960 as a mobile catering company. While we have expanded our operation since then, our company remains true to our flagship roots and founding mission: to provide good-tasting, efficiently delivered food at economical prices. Our dedication has allowed us to continually exceed the mobile catering needs of our customers with an enhanced and expanded product line and with service beyond expectation.

Our Mobile Industrial Catering
That first steaming cup of coffee ... that fresh ham and cheese sandwich just the way you like it ... that crunchy, sweet snack on afternoon break ... mobile catering from Triple A Services can feed your employees, customers, students, and guests with quality, convenience, dependability, speed, and selection.

Our Services
Our mobile catering trucks are stocked according to the needs and food preferences of our independent drivers' routes - from well-known brand names that they know their customers recognize and want to sandwiches and pastries made daily in our 24-hour kitchen and bakery. Our licensed, inspected, and insured trucks can be counted on to move in and out with swiftness, efficiency, selection, and professionalism ... all in 10 to 30 minutes per stop.

How Can I Learn More About Bringing Mobile Catering to my Site?
For more information about our Mobile Catering Services, contact us
via e-mail or our guestbook. You may call us at
(312) 225-5040.

Catering Truck Sales and Service
Triple A Services can provide you with complete Catering Truck Sales and Service:
  • Catering truck bodies sales new and used
  • Complete truck body repair and service
  • Leasing
  • Financing and insurance
For more information on our Catering Truck Sales and Service, call us at (312) 225-5040